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Yoooo!! I truly could not be more excited to welcome you to DaSockBoxx (how urban, right? lol)! My fascination for the Arthur George collection since its debut in 2012, along with the thought of a flamboyant sock hiding under even the most subtle and commonplace pant leg, prompted me to finally put my philosophy to your feet!  “Array,” a stage name that started off in a former musical pursuit, remains with me as an alias that describes the imaginative variety in everything I put my mind to: This time, my socks (and yours)!


With my styles, one thing I hope to do is challenge the urban status quo in foot apparel. I can remember a time when self-proclaimed tough guys and “macho-men” talked down on fitted/skinny jeans and now wear them every day of the week (lol).  That’s the impact I want to have; I want the wildest polka dot, most frenzied stripe, and most artistically-designed sock to be embraced and saluted.  With the ongoing advancement of social livelihood, I also hope to kill the conventional notion that socks are mere undergarments, and to visually create the same demand that one would have for an appealing shirt or skirt.  Get rid of those white and black socks, man!  And why are you still trying to MATCH??  That's soooo 1930s!  Look,  I want men, women, black, white, tall, short, dumb, smart...EVERYONE in sight to be able to not only walk, but talk with their feet.  So, jump in!  I really appreciate your support.  Thank you for stopping by @DaSockBoxx. God Bless!”

Isaac “Array” Chatman is
an enterpriser and native of Donaldsonville, Louisiana. 
He has been a resident of Atlanta, GA since 2015
and has an acclaimed background in
entertainment, primarily

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